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Simply the best! Rework of another electrician completed 6/1/2017

Due to someone else in my house calling in an electrician from facebook (or maybe nextdoor), we had this person come in and take two days to install one fan for our daughters bedroom. $486.00 later! Needless to say, I wasn't home when this happened, but I made sure to call My Spring TX Electricians to fix the issue that the other electrician left behind (faulty wiring). Thanks again guys, appreciate the work you did - Mark L - Spring

Great price and great attitude!

I hired them to come in and fix our outdoor outlets last week, and I need to say, as hot and humid as it was these guys were professional and got the work done fast- 2 broken plugs and a circuit box had to be replaced. I'd recommend them to everyone! Cassie - Spring, TX

Put up my Christmas Lights last year

I've got a 4000sqft home over in Benders Landing and because of the slopes of the roof, I couldn't get up there and hang lights. These guys came in last minute and did the job. Would recommend them to anyone needed electrical help

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