Lighting Installation for your Kitchen

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June 5, 2017

Lighting Installation for your Kitchen

Great Lighting Designs and Installation

Creating the best lighting design for your kitchen is like cooking a great meal. You have to have the right recipe and the proper ingredients. To make sure you cook up the best lighting scheme for your kitchen, use a lighting professional. We recommend the lighting professionals here at Spring TX Electricians. Our lighting specialist can help with location, style, and whether or not to add dimmers. There are a lot of things an expert can bring to the party and make any room in the home more inviting. Lighting Universe will ship the products directly to your Spring, TX home, to be installed by your Spring, TX electrician, Electricians Today.

The biggest mistake is not having a good mix of lighting that meets your needs. If you don’t really know what is new in Lighting, you may end up with only recessed can lighting. Recessed lighting is great for creating a blanket of light, but not for bringing light specifically to where you need it. When visiting a lighting showroom, be prepared. Bring a photos of your kitchen, if possible or at least know your kitchen dimensions. How tall is the ceiling? Where are the doors? What is the layout? How much space is there between the cabinets and the ceiling? How much space is there between the cabinets and the countertop?

If you are planning to update an existing kitchen, tell the lighting expert how much demolition you are planning to do. If you are tearing the ceiling out, that is important to know because then you may have more options and can add recessed lighting. If you don’t want to destroy the ceiling, then you will have to go a different way with your lighting installations.

We can work with your home to design and deliver the perfect Lighting for your Project. Contact us today!


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